Our Story

Our story dates back to 1888, and integrates the commitment of generations of work, devotion, outlook and our own culture.

The family roots of our Company are the essence of our culture and values, which define our identity and guide our performance, with excellence, sustainability and responsibility criteria.

Experience, professionalism and a corporate spirit are the focus that drive the performance and commitment of the people who are part of the Group. We establish lasting connections and relationships with our clients, vendors and partners that are based on trust and mutual respect.

Every area of business of the Bonanova Group reflects our corporate commitment to do things right, which translates into a desire to persist with a capacity for adaptation and innovation. All our projects incorporate the latest developments in technology, materials, architecture, interior design, urban design and more.

We are always focused on the future, but we remain guided by our family vocation, with the 3rd and 4th generations presiding over the Group, providing their best qualities and skills to the company.

The challenge for the Bonanova Group in the 21st century is to keep creating and developing toward a sustainable future from a responsible present.

The business areas include real estate, hospitality, service stations, car parks and agriculture, with the common denominator being quality service and personal customer service.