Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission as a family company is to offer quality services, striving for excellence, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, anticipating our clients’ needs and adapting to the challenges around us.

Vision of constant GROWTH and improvement, which allows us to guarantee this level of service excellence and quality. We are driven by a desire to create and grow, professionally, personally, and as a company. We promote talent and are committed to promoting from within, as we trust wholeheartedly in the development of our staff.

Vision for the FUTURE: With a clear, long-term focus, we seek out and analyse new projects and opportunities that allow us to fall in line with new market trends and needs as we face new challenges and overcome adversity.

TRANSFORMATIVE vision: Throughout its history, the company has undergone many changes as it transformed and adapted to its environment in order to continue offering a value proposition to all our stakeholders.

As a family Company, the values of the Ganduxer family are present in our organisation’s everyday affairs. Our corporate culture is based on trust and commitment, which is why our work and leadership rely on integrity and respect, and thus enhance the professional development of our staff through a clear duty to service.

The human factor is our most important resource. We behave like a family that embraces its members, a family in which every individual plays a unique and essential role to help achieve our goals and objectives. At the Bonanova Group, we realise that our success is shared by every member of the organisation: the quality of our service is the result of our employees’ efforts.

Our flexibility, adaptation and specialisation allow us to tailor our services to the needs of our clients. Our comprehensive Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Policy is a clear reflection of our commitment to the environment. We reduce pollution at the source, we recover, reuse or recycle, and we minimise waste generation.